What should you not do when buying gold?

Fraudsters take advantage of investors' fear of financial ruin and their hope that an investment can save them. When investors are ready to withdraw their investment, they should also consider the liquidation process. The physical liquidation of gold and silver may require the metals to be sent to an accredited dealer. If the dealer you bought from doesn't offer a buy-back program, you'll have to look for another one to buy your metals.

For those who have Gold in their IRA, it is important to understand the process of liquidating it and the associated fees. On the day you plan to buy physical gold, instead of an ETF, you should check the spot price of gold and make sure you make the payment that day to ensure that you get that amount of gold. If you want to buy gold to hide something because you believe that gold could be the last possibility and that the government will never discover it, it is the wrong motivation. But it doesn't really baffle you because you're buying gold, and gold “is supposed to be expensive, right? And now you have a subscription plan for an extended period, where they send you more gold coins every month. For investment purposes, choose regular gold coins or ingots and look for a reputable gold dealer when buying gold online.

If that is your situation, you should buy small gold coins directly and store them close to where you live to have quick access to your gold deposit in a difficult crisis scenario. When buying, the price of a physical ounce of gold should be as close as possible to the spot price of paper gold. As a gold consultant, you can now recommend clients to the right companies, helping them create tailor-made solutions for purchasing physical gold and storing it in appropriate jurisdictions to protect their gold investments outside the banking system. Third-party certification has become the preferred method for gold investors who want to purchase high-quality bullion coins and rare gold coins.

Not long ago, my friend Claudio Grass, an expert in the gold business, shared the summary version of his top ten tips for buying gold.